To help you to our best of abilities, it is required to collect and handle data regarding you. We value your privacy and are committed to protect it. This privacy statement explains what information we collect, how we handle it, what rights you have and what you can do regarding the data.


TMK Machinery Oy handles the personal data according to this privacy statement and according to applicable laws, so we kindly ask you to review this statement carefully. We might do changes to this statement as our operation involves or if any applicable laws are changed.


By using our services, sites, or by contacting us, you agree that we handle your personal data according to this statement.



On what purposes is my personal data collected and handled?


We collect, preserve and handle your personal data to carry out the predetermined purposes. The main purposes are:


* Employees work applications handling

* Customizing of marketing and services

* Customer communication and responding to contact requests

* Further developing our services, products and processes

* Forwarding financing applications

* Collecting technical log data from the website



What personal data is collected of me and from what sources?


We collect your personal data mainly from you during contact request or later during using our services and products. In addition to this, we may collect data from public sources and registers, like for example contracting liability services. We also collect data from your website visit with Google analytics and other similar tools and services, to analyze and improve our user experience and to customize relevant marketing to our website visitors. You may change the cookies used by the web analytics services from the button below.

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In general, we might collect directly from you the following data:


* Name, email, phone number

* Address information

* Country

* CV information

* Other information given via electric forms

* IP address, browser version data and other general device information



On what principle are the personal data handled?


We ensure that we always have the lawful purpose to handle your personal data. We may handle your personal data due to many different grounds. We handle your personal data to finalize contracts and to fulfil lawful responsibilities. We also handle personal data based on our legitimate interests, which are to provide our services and carry out and improve our operation. Some personal data we might handle based on your consent.



Who will handle personal data, and will it be given to third parties?


In general, the personal data will be handled by our staff when carrying out their tasks. We might outsource some personal data handling, such as for example personal data storage and handling software’s. In these cases, we ensure the personal data handling with contracts, to ensure the privacy and lawful handling of the personal data. We may disclose or share personal data to fulfil our contract responsibilities or if required by competent authorities.


We may also share or disclose personal data in case we are a part of a corporate or business transaction.



Will personal data be shared outside EU?


In general, no personal data will be shared outside EU. In case that you wish to deal with TMK dealers outside EU, to enable this operation we will share your contact information to these designated dealers.



How long is personal data stored?


We will not store personal data any longer than necessary based on the purpose of the data, or when contract or law it requires. The personal data storing times may differ depending on their purpose and situation. We aim to update the personal data from time to time.


Electric forms will be stored for 90 days, after which they will be deleted from the system. The serves have also 30-day backup, therefore at the longest the data will stay in the system for 120 days. The rotations of the technical logs on the server is 30 days.



How is personal data stored and protected?


Personal data will be stored on our service provides servers, which are protected according to the common practises of the industry. The collected and handled personal data will be kept private and will only be shared or disclosed to the persons who need these to carry out their given tasks and to partners according to your consent. Access to personal data is protected with user specific credentials and passwords.



Are cookies used on website and what are they?


We use cookies on our website to offer the best possible user experience to the website visitors. Cookies are short text files, that server saves to user device. Cookies give us information on how visitors use our website. We may use cookies to improve our services and websites, to analyze the website usage, and to customize and optimize marketing. Website visitor can consent or deny the cookies. To change the settings, click the button below.

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What rights I have and how can I influence my data?


Canceling consent

If we are handling your data based on your consent, you can at any time cancel the consent by sending us email to .


Access to data

You have right to get confirmation from us on if we handle personal data affecting to you and to know what data regarding you we handle. You have also right to get additional information about the bases of handling your personal data.


Right to fix false or changed information

You have the right to ask us to update personal data that is outdated, false, or otherwise insufficient.


Right to deny direct marketing

You can deny your personal data to be used in direct marketing by sending us email to .


Right to object handling

If we handle your personal date based on general or lawful purpose, you have a right to object personal data regarding you on the parts in which there is no sufficient reason that would outweigh your right, or that handling would not be necessary to fulfil a legal claim. Please note that in this case, we most probably will not be able to serve you any longer.


Right to limit handling

You have in certain cases have a right to claim that we limit your personal data handling.


Right to get personal data transferred

In case where we have handled your personal data based on your consent, or to fulfil a contract, you have a right to get the personal data given to us electronically back in generally used format, so that you can then transfer this personal data to a new service provider.



How can I implement my rights?


You can implement these above mentioned right by contacting us via email to . We ask to provide you name, address and phone number. If you believe that your personal data is not handled lawfully, you can also appeal to legal authorities.



Can this privacy statement be updated?


We might make updates to this statement as our operation or privacy principles change. Updates can become needed also when legal grounds change. Changes will come active when we have published the updated privacy statement. We kindly ask you to study this privacy statement time to time.



Who can I contact in data protection related matters?


Contact information:

TMK Machinery Oy

Pieksämäentie 15 B, 41520 Hankasalmi

+358 40 534 5118


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