TMK Multigrab is here!

Friday 30th of October 2020 at TMK’s Birthdayparty we celebrated the start of our own factory and production a year ago and announced two completely new products. TMK is jumping into a new market with TMK Multigrab.

TMK Multigrab is suitable for a wide range of tasks. Demolition grab, sorting grab, root shear, stump puller, rake – you name it! You can read more about TMK Multigrab at

The TMK Turbo evo2 cylinder, which had been under development for two years, also saw the light of day. TMK Turbo evo2 is a more advanced version of the patented TMK Turbo, which has gained great popularity around the world. The TMK Turbo evo2 increases work efficiency when the small and large cylinders work together without the delay in the previous Turbo cylinder, making the cylinder extremely fast. The Turbo evo2 is also more powerful with the enlargement of a larger cylinder.

At TMK’s Birthday Party, in addition to product announcements, we also saw amazing work shows, made live streams on Facebook, went on factory tours, got acquainted with a wide range of operations, from managing work and equipment to wood chipping, and of course ate a birthday cake. The party was attended by a lot of people and the atmosphere was quite warm, despite the slightly cold weather.

Thanks to all participants.