3 New products coming in Q1/2024




3 new products coming in Q1/2024


We have three new exciting products on the pipeline. These are set to release on Q1/2024 to the whole world. These new products are especially designed for professionals who crave for more efficiency, speed, and ease of service.


Collector Gen2

The 2nd Gen Collector is a big jump in durability, ease of use and serviceability. The blade has completely new construction that makes it much stronger and better performing. We have also paid a lot of attention to the serviceability of the new Collector. The Collector spring is something that wasn’t always the easiest to change before but now is only a couple minute job. Along with that change we have cut a whole on the top of the Collector to make the greasing of the Collector a lot easier.

This generational upgrade also brings improvements on the geometry of the Collector. The new version can collect even bigger trees and it doesn’t get stuck as easily behind the cut stacks. It also opens up wider which means it’s not on the way and you can see where it is more easily from the cabin.




Hydraulic Extension Gen2

The 2nd Gen Hydraulic Extension has also received a bunch of upgrades compared to the original Hydraulic Extension. And the story is the same with this as was with the 2nd Gen Collector: we have made big improvements on the durability and serviceability. The extension has wider and thicker frame which results in increased torsional rigidity. The heel is now part of the welded frame so it handle bigger loads and we have incorporated a maintenance hatch in the heel, so removing and servicing the cylinder is easier than with the previous extension.

The hydraulic and electric components are now hidden under housings so they are better protected, without making them hard to access, which makes them easier to service and trouble shoot. The hydraulic lines are now shorter (=more optimized) and components that see a lot of wear are easier to fix or replace even in the forest. Extensions sliding bits are now very easily adjustable, so you can have a quiet, smooth operating extension all the time.

The cylinder inside the extension now has a built in speed valve which makes the extension in-out movement even faster.


Loader Extension

And finally a completely new product for us is the Loader Extension which is the answer to one of the most requested features on our Tree Shears: loading. This new Loader Extension is available in two versions: the solid one that is basically just like our previous Solid Extension but now with a loader grapple and a very useful heel. The other one has those same features that are found in the solid version but also offers a tilt which especially when used in conjunction with a tiltrotator, opens up a whole new world. 

The Loader Extension with tilt is very efficient when used with a tiltrotator as you don’t have to use the excavators cylinders as much. With a tiltrotator you can make tree stacks on the sides of the excavator as you can rotate the extension to the side and drop the trees with a tilt. The tilt also makes it possible to delimb and cut trees even higher than before as it gives you more effective reach.


Here you can see the comparison of the effective cutting length when the tree is on the ground. When using the tilt, it is possible to get the shear in more favourable position.



These new products are set to be released on Q1/2024 so while waiting, make sure to follow us on our social medias as we are starting to share our customers videoclips of prototypes in use.