Maximum cutting power with TMK 400 HD cylinder

Cutting very large trees? Not getting enough pressure out of your machine?

Maybe its time you consider TMK 400 with our HD (heavy duty) cylinder.

The TMK 400 is our biggest shear, developed for cutting even the biggest trees. And pairing it up with our HD cylinder you get maximum cutting power and you don’t need to have such high pressures to achieve the cutting capacity because of the cylinder larger diameter. Especially on machines that are in between 13-18 tonnes (28000-40000 lbs) it is hard to achieve pressures high enough for normal cylinders.

Here you can see just how much of a difference the HD cylinder makes, instead of requiring full 300-320 bars it only needs 220-250 bars to operate at its best.

TMK Turbo cylinder is also a great option if you are also cutting smaller trees but it is also little more expensive so if big trees is your thing the HD is a great option.

Learn more about TMK 400 here! Or find your local dealer from here!