TMK Machinery product naming explained

Have you ever wondered how TMK’s product naming works?

In this blog post we explain how our naming convention works, so you can understand our products better.


Tree Shear naming

Our Tree Shears are named according to the cutting capacity in millimeters. So for example TMK 250-H has a cutting capacity of 250 mm. In total we have five different shear sizes in our Tree Shear product family ranging from TMK 150 all the way to TMK 400.

In addition we are using letters at the end of the model name to indicate the mounting type of the shear. So using the same example of TMK 250-H, it is mounted with a hanging mount (H-series) which is used in tractors, forest machines and forest trailers. We also have Fixed mount (F-series) typically used in excavators, telehandlers, skidsteers etc… and Rotator mount (R-series) which uses our Rotator that makes it possible to rotate the shear 360°.


MultiGrab naming

MultiGrabs are using the T-shirt sizes, and currently we have two sizes in our lineup: MultiGrab M and MultiGrab S. M stands for medium and S stands for small.

In addition to the sizes we also indicate the mounting type in the name with MultiGrabs, but as with the sizes we only have two different mounting types: Fixed mount (F-series) which is the standard one and Rotator mount (R-series) which again can be used to rotate the MultiGrab 360°.


Learn more about our Tree Shears and their attachments here and MultiGrabs here!

Or if you have any questions you can find your local dealer here!