TMK MultiGrab

More versatile jobs with just one additional attachment instead of constant attachment joggling. The TMK MultiGrab is an excellent multipurpose tool for you when you want speed, power and precision in just one grab. The solid frame is made out of Hardox-steel and endures more hard work and stress than traditional grabs. This makes the TMK MultiGrab a good tool for example for demolition work, landscape raking and light stump removals. With the moving grapple, any object that fits inside the TMK MultiGrab can be easily grabbed and moved safely and accurately to a wanted location.

TMK MultiGrabs

Two sizes

When we designed the TMK MultiGrab, the main criteria was to have as big of a range of motion as possible for the moving grapple. This enables the tool to lift even the bigger objects, rake efficiently without having the grapple block the view to the tines, and still being able to close the grapple so tight that even small planks at the demolition sites can be grabbed firmly. And this was not enough, we also wanted to have an accurate, tweezer-like way to grab and move the objects. Now it’s possible to squeeze an object between the tines of the main frame and the grapple without having to fear that the objects would fall from the grip.


TMK MultiGrab S

TMK MultiGrab S weighs 400 kg and is suitable for 6-12 tonnes machines. Equipped with a TMK Rotator, the grab weighs 540 kg.


TMK MultiGrab M

TMK MultiGrab M weighs 840 kg and is suitable for 12-25 tonnes machines. Equipped with a TMK Rotator, the grab weighs 980 kg.