TMK MultiGrab

More versatile jobs with just one additional attachment instead of constant attachment joggling. The TMK MultiGrab is an excellent multipurpose tool for you when you want speed, power and precision in just one grab. The solid frame is made out of Hardox-steel and endures more hard work and stress than traditional grabs. This makes the TMK MultiGrab a good tool for example for demolition work, landscape raking and light stump removals. With the moving grapple, any object that fits inside the TMK MultiGrab can be easily grabbed and moved safely and accurately to a wanted location.

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Versatile, rugged and accurate

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A multipurpose tool for various job sites

What can the TMK MultiGrab be used for?

Versatility is definitely the number one strength of this grab. We set out to develop a solution that can be used conveniently on site at different stages of the work. This speeds up operations and saves time – and also saves on costs, as attachments are not left idle and do not need to be transported from one construction site to another.

When used as a rake, the MultiGrab is highly effective in clearing fields and other areas. The TMK MultiGrab allows easy and controlled movement of even large boulders during work, which ensures safety as well as efficiency. The MultiGrab can also be used as a stump puller, as the grapple can be easily removed with one locking bolt.

The TMK MultiGrab easily handles sorting work and piling of trunks and other materials. With the TMK MultiGrab, even large bundles can be handily moved from place to place. Combined with a tiltrotator, you can definitely get the most out of the TMK MultiGrab in sorting and unloading work, but TMK MultiGrab can also be used directly attached to the end of the boom, or equipped with TMK’s own rotator option.

You can find a lot of videos on YouTube showing how TMK MultiGrab is suitable for a wide range of work.

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