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Hardox steel shear for improved efficiency and productivity

Interested in improving the utilisation rate with a cost-efficient shear compatible with your machinery? Would you like to perform forestry operations with a shear that is easy to service by any machine operator? Do you value user-friendliness, durability and simplicity? TMK’s product range covers shears to meet a forest owner’s needs from tree clearing to problem tree removal. Our durable shears are easy to fit on small and large excavators, harvesters, log loaders and agricultural tractors.

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Choose a shear that withstands torsion

Now that’s a big rock, how can I fit the machine to work next to it? And now I bumped into the tree I was supposed to leave untouched. Cold sweat drips down your forehead and you grind your teeth. You know you have to weld the shear back into shape. On the other hand, you can purchase a shear from us and get rid of such worries for good.

Due to the TMK shear’s unique capsular structure, it is lightweight, strong and extremely durable. TMK shears are manufactured from Hardox steel that withstands extreme wear and torsion. Top-quality materials, thoroughly tested structures and Finnish production ensure that TMK products endure the harshest of conditions.

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Increase efficiency, decrease costs – This is how it works

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The benefits of TMK tree shears



At TMK, we know the requirements of effective tree clearing and safe problem tree removal, as we are experienced in these operations ourselves. Based on all our know-how, we created the TMK product family, which meets the needs of both professional and occasional forestry.


Delimb, cut and collect with a single shear

The efficiency of TMK tree shears is based on enabling all three functions – delimbing, cutting and collecting – with a single hydraulic line, using electric control. The shear removes brush wood efficiently, while the single-grapple structure enables excellent visibility from the cab, facilitating the protection of retention trees from damage.


Cost-effective investment

The lightweight shear saves fuel, as it can be fitted to a smaller machine without compromising the shear’s cutting power. Due to its efficiency, the shear quickly pays for itself.


A shear that grows with your work

TMK shears feature top-of-the-class customizability. With full forestry package, even unique for a tree shear. The most popular attachments are available for shears of all sizes. We develop new attachments constantly based on our clients’ and our own experiences. Our competitors haven’t been able to keep up in this development.


Customer service that ensures your success

At TMK, customer experience is what matters. We will tell you directly whether the shear you’re about to buy suits your needs. We won’t sell you any attachments you don’t need. Rather, we only recommend the ones that provide you with significant benefits. Our genuine interest to serve does not end with a closed deal; our experts will help you with questions on shear maintenance and spare part acquisition, for example.