Brand renewal on TMK’s Machinery Day, Friday 25 of November 2022

TMK Tree Shear brand is changing


Nowadays, TMK Tree Shear is more than just a tree shear manufacturer. In 2020, a new product and a new product family was released: TMK MultiGrab. This multipurpose tool for excavators created a new path in TMK’s story. TMK Tree Shear as a brand therefore no longer matched to our current selection and especially not to our future selection. TMK will change its brand on Friday 25 of November 2022 to show its current entity.


No worries though, TMK will continue to be TMK. Those three familiar letters will still be part of the company’s name. TMK continues to innovate and plans to announce new product families in the future. This way, TMK will serve its customers even more comprehensively.



What will become of TMK Tree Shear then?


The tension builds until TMK’s Machinery Day. On Friday, 25 of November 2022, a new brand will be announced at the TMK’s Machinery Day. Along TMK, there will be also so much other interesting machinery to see on TMK Machine Day, so put the date in your calendar as soon as possible.


Don’t worry, TMK’s brand will be renewed, but much will also remain the same. TMK will continue to be Hankasalmi’s pride, customers will still be served personally and better than ever, and the familiar black and yellow coloring will not disappear anywhere. TMK Tree Shear and TMK MultiGrab will also be a part of our brand in the future. They only move to represent their own product families.



The TMK factory has been in operation for three years


The brand renewal represents the strengthening and reliability of TMK to the whole world. TMK has survived the COVID-19 crisis and this year has struggled with the price increases of raw materials and other challenges caused by the war in Ukraine, but TMK is still pushing forward.


TMK’s own factory was built in Hankasalmi, Finland at the end of 2019. In three years, production has learned to solve problems that always arise when starting something new. Now production is smooth and efficient, and the goal is only to expand operations in the future.


TMK has been serving its first customers since the beginning of the 2010s until today, and the situation will not change in the future. TMK offers even more comprehensive services from one place.



Welcome to TMK’s Machinery Day on Friday 25 November 2022.

See you there!