TMK MultiGrab is a durable and long lasting multitool that was originally designed for excavators. Nowadays it has found its way along with excavators, also to other machines such as for example loaders and telehandlers. With TMK MultiGrab it’s possible to replace several other attachments due to the genius structure and the efficient optional attachments of the TMK MultiGrab. The TMK MultiGrab consists of two main parts, solid frame and like characteristic to TMK, yellow coloured grapple that is easily visible.

A dependable multipurpose attachment

Demolition grab, boulder grab, sorting grab, stump puller or rake The MultiGrab makes light work of heavy loads, such as lifting and moving large trunks, boulders, beams and girders, but it also enables very precise work such as sorting materials. Whatever the task, the TMK MultiGrab is up to it!

Strong frame

The TMK MultiGrab has a single, 180-degree moving grapple, which makes the fixed frame extremely strong. For this reason, the MultiGrab can withstand even the most severe torsion and other force it is subjected to.

Hardox steel for maximum durability

We use Hardox 400 & 500 steel in the manufacture of the TMK MultiGrab, as it is the best and most durable steel on the market.



Max. range of motion




400 kg

880 lbs

Excavator weight

6-12 tonnes

13 200-26 500 lbs


TMK MultiGrab

Already the standard TMK MultiGrab can tackle a wide variety of works. The solid frame is made out of Hardox-steel and can endure hard pulling. This makes the TMK MultiGrab a good tool for example for landscape raking and stump removals. With the moving grapple, any object that fits inside the TMK MultiGrab can be easily grabbed and moved safely and accurately to a wanted location. Especially when paired with a tilt rotator, the TMK MultiGrab really shines thanks to the wide tilting angles and endless rotation.

When we designed the TMK MultiGrab, the main criteria was to have as big a range of motion as possible for the moving grapple. This enables the tool to lift even the bigger objects, rake efficiently without having the grapple block the view to the tines, and that it still closes the grapple so tight that even small planks at the demolition sites can be handled safely. And this was not enough, we also wanted to have an accurate, tweezer-like way to grab and move the objects. Now it’s possible to squeeze an object between the tines of the main frame and the grapple without having to fear that the objects would fall from the grip. Based on the amount of grey hair on TMK engineers heads, it’s safe to say that this wasn’t an easy task, but with the right attitude and determination this was finally solved.

You can find a lot of videos on YouTube showing how TMK MultiGrab is suitable for a wide range of work.

TMK MultiGrab playlist on YouTube

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TMK MultiGrab

Grapple trajectory

When jumping to the operating sticks and taking the TMK MultiGrab in action for the first time, it’s noticeable that the handling is soft and smooth. The grapple motion is designed so that in the middle of the range the motion slows down and is strong, to make sure that grabbing an object is easy and that the object is held with enough force. When coming closer to the end, the grapple moves fast to make sure the working is efficient. At both ends of the motion range, there is no need for big amounts of force, therefore here the movement is fast rather than having loads of strength in it.

Lining up the grab to the object is easy. The tines from the solid frame are placed gently on the other side of the object and then the only thing left is to close the grapple. All the moving parts are painted yellow, which is characteristic for TMK, to make sure the attachment can be used safely and accurately also when the visibility is limited.

The MultiGrab opens a total of 180 degrees, which makes it possible to grab a big load of material with a single go when working, for example in demolition sites. When making deforestation or creating a new field for crops, the grapple doesn’t have to be removed. Therefore, the work gets a lot more efficient compared to a normal rake as you can grab and process the stumps, rocks and other objects quickly and safely. With the tight closing, it’s possible to take a two by four plank and the grapple will keep it firmly in the grip. And with the tweezer-like grip we can do jobs that require accuracy, like for example assembling a log cabin or building a noise wall. Only imagination is the limit!




Tight closing


Tweezer-like grip

When needed, TMK MultiGrab turns into a rake very fast and easily. The grapple is dropped off by removing the locking pin and then operating the grapple motion open, so the mechanism releases the grapple. The TMK MultiGrab is like a chameleon that transforms based on the varying needs and with the available accessories the opportunities are even more diverse!


Fixed or with a rotator?




TMK MultiGrab S-F (Fixed)

Are you tired of constantly switching attachments while working? Or maybe you want to work on more diverse projects? The F-series (Fixed) TMK MultiGrab, TMK MultiGrab S-F comes without rotation and is a great choice for a basic jobs that doesn’t require extra agility. Or if you already have a tiltrotator, then the TMK MultiGrab S-F is the choice for you! At the moment the TMK MultiGrab S-F is available with two different frame widths, standard TMK MultiGrab S-F is 840 mm wide and weighs 400 kg without a coupler for the machine. The wider frame TMK MultiGrab S-F+ has two additional tines on the solid main frame and is 1244 mm wide and weighs 480 kg without a coupler for the machine.


TMK MultiGrab S-R (Rotating)

Are you tired of constantly switching attachments while working? Or maybe you want to work on more diverse projects? The R-series (Rotating) TMK MultiGrab, TMK MultiGrab S-R comes with its own integrated rotation and is a great choice when there is no tiltrotator available, but more agility is still needed for the work. At the moment the TMK MultiGrab S-R is available with two different frame widths, standard TMK MultiGrab S-R is 840 mm wide and weighs 540 kg without a coupler for the machine. The wider frame TMK MultiGrab S-R+ has two additional tines on the solid main frame and is 1244 mm wide and weighs 620 kg without a coupler for the machine.

TMK MultiGrab S


As is well known, continuous development is the foundation of success. And for development to be possible, the tools you use must develop at the same pace. That is why we will be introducing a wide range of attachments for the MultiGrab, making it possible to customize it to your specific needs.

The attachments for the TMK MultiGrab are designed to be easy for the driver to use while working, without having to get out of the machine repeatedly. Attachments can be fitted quickly as the job requires. As with our other grabs, the attachments can be fitted on the TMK MultiGrab at any time – they do not have to be purchased with the grab.

This way, the MultiGrab can be adapted to your changing needs over time.


Rake adapter

The standard spacing between the tines on the TMK MultiGrab is 18-23 cm depending on the model size. This can be reduced to half by attaching the rake adapter. Having narrower tine spacing is useful for clearing bounded areas, for example. Thanks to the narrower tine spacing of the frame, the area to be cleared is first cleared roughly before being cleaned more fully with a narrow-toothed rake adapter. This ensures that even small roots and stones can be removed. The rake adapter is attached to the MultiGrab by being gripped by the grapple. However, if you want to use the grapple at the same time, the adapter can be easily locked to the frame with two pins.


Bucket adapter

The bucket adapter enables more efficient use of the bucket-like feature of the TMK MultiGrab. This is especially useful in the final stages of demolition work, for tasks such as gathering up debris. The bucket adapter can be used to clear debris from the remaining concrete slab or asphalt and collect it and deposit in the skip. The bucket adapter also makes it possible for the MultiGrab to be used for light excavation work. The bucket adapter stays in place when the grapple of the MultiGrab is closed. However, if the work requires that the bucket adapter be kept mobile, the bucket adapter can also be attached to the MultiGrab with separate pins. The grab bucket also has its own bucket adapter counterpart.

TMK MultiGrab S: Technical specifications



TMK MultiGrabS-FS-R
Weight400 kg540 kg
Excavator weight6-12 tonnes6-12 tonnes
Max. range of motion 180°1552 mm1552 mm
Recommended pressure220-250 bar220-250 bar
Flow50-150 l/min50-150 l/min
Max. Pressure250 bar250 bar
TMK MultiGrabS-FS-R
Weight880 lbs1 190 lbs
Excavator weight13 200-26 500 lbs13 200-26 500 lbs
Max. range of motion 180°61.1"61.1"
Recommended pressure3190-3625 psi3190-3625 psi
Flow13-39 gal/min13-39 gal/min
Max. Pressure3625 psi3625 psi



A 612 mm
B 1382 mm
C 1689 mm
D 840 mm
E 1077 mm


A 24,09″
B 54,41″
C 66,5″
D 33,07″
E 42,4″
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