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Some of the best elements and aspects of the TMK products are the design, the simplicity, but also the effectiveness and the quality of the construction.

Ben Canonica, Canonica Farm & Forest Services

TMK MultiGrab S
TMK 300 + Collector + Delimber + HD cylinder

Mecalac 10MCR + Engcon EC209
Mecalac 11MWR + Engcon EC209

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The tree shear was a revelation compared to cutting by hand and then adding the Collector to the shear makes the operation very, very economic.

Paul Denning, J.D.B Contractors & Son LTD

TMK 300 + Collector + Bigger cylinder

Liebherr R 914

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It shears more than what I expected.

Ricci Hirth, Hirth Small Engine Custom Excavating

TMK 300 + Bigger cylinder

John Deere Skid Steer 325G

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It’s a simple product which works. We can cut and hold the material safely and lie it down windrow so our chipper can come through and clear it easily.

Rupert Arneil, The Cotswold Tree & Access Hire

TMK 400 + TMK Turbo cylinder