TMK MultiGrab is a durable and long lasting multitool that was originally designed for excavators. Nowadays it has found its way along with excavators, also to other machines such as for example loaders and telehandlers. With TMK MultiGrab it’s possible to replace several other attachments due to the genius structure and the efficient optional attachments of the TMK MultiGrab. The TMK MultiGrab consists of two main parts, solid frame and like characteristic to TMK, yellow coloured grapple that is easily visible.

A dependable multipurpose attachment

Demolition grab, boulder grab, sorting grab, stump puller or rake The MultiGrab makes light work of heavy loads, such as lifting and moving large trunks, boulders, beams and girders, but it also enables very precise work such as sorting materials. Whatever the task, the TMK MultiGrab is up to it!

Strong frame

The TMK MultiGrab has a single, 180-degree moving grapple, which makes the fixed frame extremely strong. For this reason, the MultiGrab can withstand even the most severe torsion and other force it is subjected to.

Hardox steel for maximum durability

We use Hardox 400 & 500 steel in the manufacture of the TMK MultiGrab, as it is the best and most durable steel on the market.



Max. range of motion




840 kg

1 850 lbs

Excavator weight

12-25 tonnes

26 500-55 000 lbs