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Order tree shear spare parts directly from the manufacturer

Although TMK Tree Shears are extremely tough, certain parts will inevitably need to be replaced at some point. In the case of a collector, for example, the spring mechanism moves continuously when the machine is in use, and should be changed regularly. You can buy spare parts for the tree shear directly from us. Our sales staff are there to help you determine when worn parts need replacing and to select the right parts.

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Cutting cylinder for a tilt rotator

The TMK Tree Shear is simple to attach to your excavator

Have you bought a used shear or a bigger excavator? If your new machine has a tilt rotator, you do not need new spare parts but instead a new main cylinder that is compatible with the tilt rotator. Our patented TMK Turbo cylinder is specially designed for use with a tilt rotator.

Adding a rotator to an excavator can cause problems with pressures and flows. However, using a tilt rotator is no obstacle to also using a tree shear, as you can choose the main cylinder for the shear from the several options TMK manufactures. Compared to what other manufacturers offer, this is a big advantage in terms of the longevity of the shear and its resale value, among other things.

Cylinder options

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Tilt rotator spare parts

TMK Tree Shear bolt-on coupler plates

The bolt-on coupler plates make it easy to change the TMK Tree Shear from one machine to another. Depending on your machinery, we can supple the most common quick coupler plates directly from our own factory. This way we can ensure the the geometry of the quick couplers are engineered and optimised to work effectively with the TMK products.

Various couplers can be used with TMK shears, such as the NTP10, S45, and S40 models. If your coupler is not found in TMK portfolio, you can always weld you own couplers directly to our adapter plates. We can also manufacture tailored quick coupler plates based on your measurements.

If you are changing to a bigger excavator, you may also need to change the quick coupler plate for the tree shear. Thanks to our bolt attached coupler plate, this can be done easily and cost efficiently. You can order the most common quick coupler plates directly from us.

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