TMK Machinery is a Finnish family business that offers efficient attachments for your contracting needs. Over the years, many have found TMK Machinery’s Tree shears to be a reliable choice for their work. With the expansion of the product range with TMK MultiGrab, the demand has grown even more. TMK Machinery's distributor network covers more than 30 countries around the world. New products are constantly innovated and developed at TMK to meet user requirements. All TMK products are designed and manufactured in Finland from high-quality materials.



September 2009: Smoke rises from a Finnish forest. It’s by no means a forest fire, but earth moving entrepreneur Tenho Koponen is boiling with frustration. The tree shear bought earlier that year has broken again and now Tenho has had enough. There must be a better and more efficient way to maintain forests! Tenho doesn’t feel like going into the forest with a chainsaw anymore either.

In the fall of 2009, Tenho starts to build a completely new kind of tree shear with a fixed blade and just one moving grapple in his workshop. It should be as simple as possible, durable, efficient and structured in such a way that unproductive work can be minimized and damage to those trees that are not intended to be touched can be prevented. The world’s first guillotine tree shear with fixed blade and only one moving grapple was born: TMK 300. The first prototype lasted about half an hour in use. Back to the workshop! After a few trial and errors, Tenho had a tree shear on his machine, which was amazingly efficient for thinning a forest with an excavator.

Today, all the TMK products are manufactured at TMK Machinery’s own factory in Hankasalmi, Finland. When production is in-house, quality can be monitored even better and TMK is able to offer more customized solutions for the needs of different market areas.

Although many improvements have been made along the way, the basic idea of TMK Tree Shear is still the same as in 2009. The shear is durable, productive and makes your work more enjoyable. Product development doesn’t stop here, TMK Machinery wants to constantly create new, more straightforward solutions that help its customers’ operations and evolve their current ways of working. The TMK MultiGrab product family, released in 2020, was also born based on this same ideology: “There must be a better way!”

The company was originally known as TMK Tree Shear, but as the product range and operations expanded, the company name changed to TMK Machinery in 2022. TMK’s products have already been sold in almost 50 countries around the world and TMK’s active distributor network already operates in more than 30 countries. TMK is especially known for its widest range of accessories on the market for TMK Tree shears, and TMK MultiGrab, as its name implies, represents versatility and the ability to do more work with just one device.

TMK Machinery’s goal is to be a high-quality and innovative attachment manufacturer, as well as a trendsetter in the field of contracting and forest management equipment.