Introducing TMK Loader Extension

TMK Loader Extension is now available!

With the Loader Extension we are fulfilling one of the most requested customer features: additional loading capabilities. The Loader Extension’s grapple arm is easy to control either directly from a separate hydraulic circuit available, or alternatively from the same hydraulic circuit in use of the Tree Shear with the help of an electric diverter valve. Grapple geometry has been designed so, that grabbing and handling large tree stacks is easy even in tight spaces.

But it doesn’t end there, you get much more than just loading capabilities with the Loader Extension! It gives extra reach for the Tree Shear and makes it possible to further utilize a tiltrotator and for example make cut behind trees and make piles on the sides without moving the machine. It also serves as a very sturdy heel that you can use to nudge rocks or trees that are in the way and support the machine when moving. 

There are two versions of the Loader Extension: Solid and one with a tilt.

The solid is very useful if you just want to add the loading capabilities and get some extra reach like you would get with our Solid Extension. It is retrofittable to any existing TMK 300 or TMK 400 model.

If you want to go to the next level you can choose the Loader Extension with a tilt. This thing is a very different beast and it unlocks a whole new level to your working, especially when used in conjunction with a tiltrotator. You can reach higher, further and closer with the shear being in optimal position for cutting and delimbing thanks to the geometry and the tilting action of the Loader Extension. Tilting motion happens with the help of a much smaller cylinder than the excavators own bucket cylinder, making it much quicker and more fuel efficient than using the whole boom structure of the excavator.

Note: Loader Extension with a tilt requires a new shear frame because of the different attaching method, consult your dealer to find a solution if you want to have one fitted to your existing shear.