A multipurpose attachment for excavators

TMK® MultiGrab

Tired of always having to change attachments when doing excavator work? Or maybe you want to do more varied contracting work? The TMK MultiGrab is an excellent multipurpose solution for both heavy-duty clearing and work requiring more precision.


A dependable multipurpose attachment

Demolition grab, boulder grab, sorting grab, stump puller or rake The MultiGrab makes light work of heavy loads, such as lifting and moving large trunks, boulders, beams and girders, but it also enables very precise work such as sorting materials. Whatever the task, the TMK MultiGrab is up to it!


Strong frame

The TMK MultiGrab has a single, 180-degree moving grapple, which makes the fixed frame extremely strong. For this reason, the MultiGrab can withstand even the most severe torsion and other force it is subjected to.


Quick attachment of the grab bucket

The grapple of the TMK MultiGrab can be removed very quickly. This is an advantage, because although the grapple of the MultiGrab opens a whopping 180 degrees while also fitting compactly against the frame of the MultiGrab, there are still certain jobs where the grapple would be in the way. This is conveniently done by removing two pins.


Hardox steel for maximum durability

We use Hardox 500 steel in the manufacture of the TMK MultiGrab, as it is the best and most durable steel on the market.

Three sizes

There are currently two models available: The MultiGrab S, optimised for excavators of between 6 and 10 tonnes, and the MultiGrab M, optimised for excavators of between 13 and 25 tonnes. We are also developing the MultiGrab L, for excavators over 30 tonnes. The MultiGrab S weighs 400 kg and the MultiGrab M weighs 820 kg.