The expansion project of the TMK factory

Why are we expanding our factory?

The last few years have been favorable for us and the growth of our company has continued. Along with this have come positive problems. The most significant of these has been that our production needs more space to keep up with the constant growth in demand. Our strategy is to grow and offer even more efficient products to our customers now and in the future.

The factory’s expansion project has been underway for some time and last winter we already built a cold storage for the most acute need for additional storage space. The growth has continued even after the winter, so now it’s time to expand the actual production facilities and ensure that we can meet the growing demand in the coming years as well.

Our goal is to complete the factory expansion project around November-December of this year.

What are the benefits of the factory expansion?

With the expansion, our production premises will double from approximately 1500 m2 to 3000 m2. At the same time, we are also re-optimizing our production line to ensure that we are also able to efficiently manufacture slightly larger new products, such as the TMK MultiGrab L. New products and product families are also under development, so there is a need to expand the production facilities.

In the expansion of the factory, we will also install another welding robot, which is bigger than the current one. Two welding robots ensure that we can weld all large parts with the robot without the current size limitations, and it also helps to reduce production delays if the other robot is out of action due to a technical fault or a maintenance.

What is the status of the expansion project at the end of June?

The old asphalt has been dug up and the foundations for the extension have been made. The foundation blocks for the steel frames have been put into place and the concrete has been poured into the boxes. The main sewer lines have been dug and everything is just waiting for the final pipe work which will happens a bit closer to the main pouring of the concrete floor. The electrics come through the existing factory building, so they will also be wired at a later stage. In summary: a lot of digging has been done in the last two weeks and the gravel trucks have been in and out the yard in a constant basis.





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How has the factory expansion progressed during July?

After the finalizing work on the ground works, we have had to wait a while for the building permit process. After receiving the building permits, we have been able set up the frame. Things have progressed efficiently during July. The frame elements are lifted into place and bolted down. The root casting has been completed and the foundation for the plinth elements has been made. Next, we start assembling the wall and ceiling panels.




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A lot was accomplished in August

The plinth elements are now installed, and the wall elements are placed on top of the plinth elements on the long walls. The insulation layers are also installed outside the plinth elements to prevent freezing and de-freezing to twist the frame. The wall at the end of the factory expansion is still open, but the roof has also been assembled.

Sewer and water pipes have been dug into their final positions and the floor of the building has been leveled. A heat box has been dug for the heat channel, where the heat pipes enter and from where they are divided into the right sections.

The insulation layers have been installed and the water pipes for the floor heating have been installed on the insulation layers. Everything is ready for the floor concrete pour.


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At the end of August, we were able to move on to interior work

The floor has now been poured and leveled. The lift doors and other doors have been put in place, and the new part of the factory is now sealed. The electrical switchboard has been installed and other electrical work will continue from here.

Watch the video for a more detailed description of what happened and the next steps to come.

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