Small tree shears

TMK 150

TMK’s latest product is a tree shear that can be used even with smaller excavators or forest loaders. Fitted on an excavator, the TMK 150 weighs just 75 kg without the bracket, and with a hanging linkage designed for forest loaders 110 kg without the rotator. The TMK 150 is an extremely efficient way to use even smaller excavators and forest trailers for energy wood logging, clearing field edges or cleaning up around a cottage.

Cuts through 150 mm wood

This powerhouse, weighing just 75 kg, can easily cut trees 150 mm in diameter.

Capsular structure

The smallest model in the product family, it also has the unique capsular structure, and the 8 mm blade is made of high-quality Hardox 500 steel.

For excavators

The TMK 150 can be fitted to an excavator with a quick coupler and bolts, making it easy to use the shear with excavators of various sizes.

For forest machines

Fitted to a forest machine, the shear is equipped with a hanging linkage that can be attached directly to the forest loader’s rotator. The linkage can be pressure-controlled or radio-controlled.

Max. diameter of wood

150 mm (5,91”)


75 kg (165 lb)

Excavator weight

1-4 tonnes (2,2-8,8k lb)

Small tree shears

TMK 150 – An efficient tree shear for forest loaders

Don’t let the cute appearance distract you. The very small size and expert design make the TMK 150 the optimal tree shear for smaller forest loaders, tractors, agricultural loaders or mini loaders, and obviously small excavators.

Thanks to its light weight and durable capsular structure, the TMK 150 is suitable for a wide range of tasks, such as clearing ditches and thinning forests. The specially shaped blade made of Hardox 500 steel allows even small twigs to be cut neatly.

The scissor-like cutting movement leaves a clean cut and does not pull up brush by the roots. Even large trees will stay firmly in the grip of the TMK 150 at the base of the blade, close to the grapple, where the clamping force is greatest. The recommended working pressure of the TMK 150 is 180 bar.

Small tree shears

Why choose the TMK 150?

The TMK 150 gives a great deal of power in a small package. Now excavators weighing less than 2.5 tonnes and also smaller forest loaders can be used for efficient chopping of energy wood and brush. The TMK 150 has been designed to operate at 180 bar, so even with a small forest loader, you can cut 150 mm trees.

The TMK 150 is specially designed for very small machines. Weighing 75 kg when fitted into an excavator, or 120 kg into a forest loader, the shear is extremely light and handy even with very small machines.

Fuel prices being what they are today, fuel efficiency is very important. The less extra weight you have at the end of the boom, the less you consume fuel. The TMK 150 is a top product in the market in terms of weight and cutting capacity, and thereby fuel efficiency. Simple is beautiful.

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Attachments for the TMK 150

Our powerful attachments expand your opportunities. All the attachments for the TMK Tree Shear are designed to be easy and simple to retrofit.

TMK 150: Technical specifications

The versatile cylinder options of the TMK Tree Shear allow you to adapt the shear to the specific application, in terms of both cutting power and operating speed.

Cylinder table

TMK 150Normal
MAX. PRESSURE180 bar (2610 psi)
RECOMMENDED PRESSURE180 bar (2610 psi)
LITRES/MIN40 - 100 l/min (10,5-26 gal/min)

A 605 mm (23,82″)
B 454 mm (17,87″)
C 427 mm (16,81″)
D 189 mm (7,44″)
E 148 mm (5,83″)
F 462 mm (18,19″)
G 236 mm (9,29″)
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