Small tree shears

TMK 200

Looking for a small tree shear for a forest loader or mini-excavator? The TMK 200 is the perfect solution for a slightly smaller machine. Despite its affordable price and compact size, the TMK 200 is a high-performance shear.

Cuts up to 200 mm trees

This powerhouse weighs only 165 kg and can cut comfortably up to 200 mm trees.

Three in one - Delimb, Cut and Collect

With electric control, one hydraulic circuit can be used to utilize all three functions.

Efficient optional attachments

All the optional attachments for TMK 200 can be easily retrofitted.

Capsular structure

Unique structure ensures durability. Shears 10 mm thick blade is made of Hardox 500 -steel.

TMK Turbo cylinder maximizes power and speed

TMK’s wide range of main cylinders can be tailored to your specific needs. Patented TMK Turbo cylinder can increase your work efficiency up to 15%.

Bolt-on coupler plates

TMK 200 is easy to swap from one machine to other with the bolt on coupling plates.

Max cutting size

200 mm (7,87”)


165 kg (365 lb)

Excavator's weight

2-8 tonnes (4,4-18k lb)

Small tree shears

TMK 200 – An efficient tree shear for forest loaders

The compact size and expert design make the TMK 200 the optimal tree shear for forest loaders, tractors, agricultural loaders or mini loaders, and small excavators.

Thanks to its light weight and durable capsular structure, the TMK 200 is suitable for a wide range of tasks, such as cleaning ditches and thinning forests. The specially shaped blade made of Hardox 500 steel allows even small twigs to be cut neatly.

The scissor-like cutting movement ensures that the TMK 200 leaves a clean cut and does not pull up brush by the roots. Even large trees will stay firmly in the grip of the TMK 200 at the base of the blade, close to the grapple, where the clamping force is greatest. The recommended working pressure of the TMK 200 is 180–300 bar, depending on the cylinder.

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Small tree shears

Why choose the TMK 200?

The TMK 200 gives a great deal of power in a small package. For example, for many mini-excavators the TMK 300 is too heavy an attachment. Our customers usually want the largest cutting diameter possible for the shear, but if you will rarely need this size the TMK 200 is often a much better and more cost-effective option than its big brother. The TMK 200 uses the same cutting cylinder as the TMK 300, so there is no compromise on cutting power.

The TMK 200 is extremely lightweight, even when combined with our most popular attachments, the delimber and the collector. With the attachments, the TMK 200 weighs as much as many competing equivalent tree shears.

The delimber and collector make work far more efficient. The delimber allows the tree to be peeled during cutting, which means that the logs will thaw more quickly after the winter and are easier to handle. The delimber scrapes the bark and surface of the wood on up to three sides at the same time, which makes drying extremely efficient. The collector makes it possible to collect small trees after cutting without having to lift the boom, turn the machine and drop small logs onto the pile after each individual cut. In other words, you can keep fuel-intensive operations to a minimum and carry out thinning efficiently.

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TMK 200 - Available attachments

Our powerful attachments expand your opportunities. All the attachments for the TMK Tree Shear are designed to be easy and simple to retrofit.

TMK 200: Technical specifications

The versatile cylinder options of the TMK Tree Shear allow you to adapt the shear to the specific application, both in terms of cutting power and operating speed. For the TMK 200, you can choose the most suitable from four different cylinders.

Cylinder table

TMK 200NormalBiggerHDTMK Turbo
MAX. pressure300 bar (4350 psi)250 bar (3625 psi)220 bar (3190 psi)250 bar (3625 psi)
Recommended pressure280 - 300 bar (4060-4350 psi)220 - 250 bar (3190-3625 psi)180 - 220 bar (2610-3190 psi)220 - 250 bar (3190-3625 psi)
Litres/min80 - 150 l/min (21-39 gal/min)100 - 150 l/min (26-39 gal/min)100 - 150 l/min (26-39 gal/min)50 - 150 l/min (13-39 gal/min)

A 794 mm (31,26″)
B 747 mm (29,41″)
C 200 mm (7,87″)
D 770 mm (30,32″)
E 358 mm (14,09″)
F 113 mm (4,45″)
G 562 mm (22,13″)
H H 983 mm (38,70″)
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