Tree shear for excavator

TMK 300

Looking for a powerful tree shear for your excavator? The TMK 300 is the genuine and original guillotine shear for an excavator or a skid-steer loader, amongst other applications. The TMK 300 is ideal both for those who do occasional forestry work and value simplicity, and for professionals who value efficiency.

Cuts up to 300 mm trees

Due to the efficient and durable blade, cuts up to 300 mm trees.

Three in one - Delimb, Cut and Collect

With electric control, one hydraulic circuit can be used to utilize all three functions.

Efficient optional attachments

TMK 300 optional attachments lifts your work to a whole new level. All optional attachments can be easily retrofitted.

Capsular structure

Unique capsular structure makes the TMK 300 light and powerful and still durable guillotine shear.

TMK Turbo and 3 other main cylinder options

TMK’s wide range of main cylinders can be tailored to your specific needs. Patented TMK Turbo cylinder can increase your work efficiency up to 15%.

Bolt-on coupler plates

TMK 300 is easy to swap from one machine to other with the bolt on coupling plates.

Max cutting size

300 mm (11,8”)


260 kg (573 lb)

Excavator's weight

5-20 tonnes (11-44k lb)

The original tree shear

TMK 300 – Tree shear for excavator

Thanks to its user-oriented design and top-quality materials, the TMK 300 is built to withstand demanding conditions. The TMK 300 is made of high-strength Hardox steel. The base plate is sharpened to act as the cutting blade is manufactured from Hardox 500 steel, which is resistant to heavy wear.

The blade of the tree shear – the base plate which is sharpened to a cutting edge – is made of Hardox 500 steel, which is resistant to heavy wear. The blade sinks easily into even thick timber, and the V-shaped collector pocket holds the tree securely in place. We have created and tested an ingenious design that allows the blade to withstand heavy use, even though it is only 12 mm thick.

The TMK 300 is an excellent tree shear for an excavator, but it can also be used on the larger skid-steer loaders. The proud matriarch of our product family.


How does the TMK 300 work with excavators of different sizes? Watch the videos!

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From operator to operator

Why choose the TMK 300?

The TMK 300 is an excellent tree shear for excavators, especially because its range of attachments is by far the widest in the world when compared to equivalent tree shears for excavators.

Due to its unique capsular structure, the TMK 300 is lightweight, extremely durable and powerful. It can even be connected to a smaller machine without any compromise on cutting power. When combining the TMK 300 tree shear with a for example 6 ton excavator, not only does that save on fuel costs, but also makes it quicker and easier to access the site. The whole setup can be transported by trailer.

The TMK 300 is reasonably priced, so you can start working with energy wood or felling problem trees at a relatively low start-up cost.

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Tree shear for excavator

Four main cylinders to choose from


Normal cylinder

The normal cylinder is a safe choice for a machine with a pressure of 280–300 bar.


 Bigger cylinder

A bigger cylinder is an excellent option if the machine pressure is lower and the wood to be cut is harder.


Patented TMK Turbo cylinder

The patented TMK Turbo Cylinder increases work efficiency by up to 15% by using both a large and a small cylinder. The smaller cylinder always works first, and the large cylinder is activated only when the smaller cylinder runs out of power. This arrangement harnesses the speed of the small cylinder and the power of the large cylinder without compromise.


HD cylinder

The HD cylinder is a powerhouse for small machines in particular. When a big tree needs to be cut with limited pressure, the HD cylinder is just what you need. It can operate at up to 180 bar with increasing efficiency, even with larger trees.


We’ll be happy to help you find just the right cylinder!