A powerful shear for large machines

TMK 400

Do you have a small shear that has reached its limits in cutting capacity? Do you want to equip a large excavator for energy wood contracting work in wintertime? Do you need a dependable tool for clearing trees? The TMK 400 tree shear meets professional forest management needs and can efficiently carry out tasks such as removing large problem trees. If you want to handle big trees safely, the TMK 400 is just what you need.

Cuts up to 400 mm trees

Due to the efficient and durable blade, cuts up to 400 mm trees.

Three in one - Delimb, Cut and Collect

With electric control, one hydraulic circuit can be used to utilize all three functions.

Two efficient main cylinder options

TMK 400 is available with two different main cylinder options. Patented TMK Turbo cylinder increases the work efficiency up to 15%.

Efficient optional attachments

With TMK 400 optional attachments, you get more safety and efficiency in your work.

Durable structure

Unique capsular structure makes TMK 400 both strong and extremely durable.

Bolt-on coupler plates

TMK 400 is easy to swap from one machine to other with the bolt on coupling plates.

Max cutting size

400 mm (15,75”)


560 kg (1235 lb)

Excavator's weight

10-30 tonnes (22-66k lb)

Light but powerful

TMK 400 – Tree shear for excavators

Thanks to its user-oriented design and top-quality materials, the TMK 400 is built to withstand demanding conditions. It is the largest tree shear in our range, and was originally developed for forestry work in Central Europe, where the trees are bigger and harder than in Finland. The TMK 400 is powered by cylinders specially designed for it, enabling the shear to easily cut trees up to 400 mm (15,75”) in diameter.

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The TMK 400 shear can open to a width of up to 1,070 mm. The strong capsular structure of the TMK 400 can withstand the twisting force of even the largest trunks, while keeping the weight of the shear below 560 kg. Thanks to its relatively light weight, the TMK 400 is excellent for clearing both smaller brushwood and larger sawlogs. The 15 mm blade of the shear is made of extremely durable Hardox 500 steel. The recommended working pressure of the TMK 400 is 220–320 bar, depending on the cylinder.

The TMK 400 is best suited for excavators of between 10 and 30 tonnes. With the TMK 400, you can also use your existing machinery during the winter, when it may be difficult to find other excavator work. If you are considering energy wood contracting, for example, the TMK 400 will enable you to keep the start-up costs relatively low.

We are happy to help you use your machinery as productively as possible, regardless of the season. Contact us for more details!

Grow with your work

Attachments for the TMK 400

All our most popular attachments are also available for the TMK 400, the largest of our shears. TMK Tree Shear attachments are designed to be easy and simple to retrofit.

TMK 400: Technical specifications

There are two master cylinder types that are compatible with the TMK 400 to choose from, depending on your machinery and the type of work.

TMK 400 NormalTMK Turbo
Max pressure320 bar (4640 psi)250 bar (3625 psi)
Recommended pressure300-320 bar (4350-4640 psi)220 - 250 bar (3190-3625 psi)
Liters / min 100-180 l/min (26-47 gal/min)80-180 l/min (21-47 gal/min)

A 1190 mm (46,85″)
B 1073 mm (42,24″)
C 400 mm (15,75″)
D 1525 mm (60,04″)
E 507 mm (19,96″)
F 300 mm (11,81″)
G 942 mm (37,09″)
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