Maintenance tips for our TMK Tree Shears

Maintaining sustainability and functionality of your TMK tree shear


Like every enthusiastic and passionate TMK tree shear user acknowledges, the maintenance of the shear is important to maintain its sustainability and functionality.


Before you start using your shear first time or before your daily work, you should always check these things:

  1. Make sure that all your fittings, quick connectors, hoses and everything in the hydraulic system is securely tightened.
  2. Clear your shear from all the twigs, branches and other loose material immediately when noticed. If you are working with the Delimber, remember to clear the back of the Delimber blade frequently, especially when working with wet snow or a lot of loose material which may get backed up behind it.
  3. Check the frame all-around for any possible damage or defects.
  4. Tree Shear should be greased every 8 hours of work. Remember to grease also the grease nipple of the Collector arm as it is normally hidden inside of the shear.
  5. Always check if the blade requires sharpening. To improve your cutting results, you should keep the blade equally sharp in 15-degree angles from each side.


However, the king of the maintenance tips for all the users is the correct cutting angle and technique. Following Robert’s example, you should always tilt the tree shear downwards a little bit since it makes the cutting safer and you are able to push a little bit with your excavator at the same time.



Taking these maintenance tips to your daily use, your shear can continue its shearing adventure from father to son. It might be boring at times, but I am sure it will be much better to maintain your shear frequently than go shear-shopping more often.

Thanks for the read & go grease your nipples!


– Jaakko Piispanen