TMK Birthday 30.10.2020


It’s already been almost a year from our factorys opening and launch, so we are celebrating it by arranging machine days on friday 30.10.2020 in Hankasalmi, Finland.
There is going to be new, exciting product launches, so just because of that you should come.
And it isn’t a party or anything if there are no machines, so next to the factory we have a TMK Tree Shear and a wood chipper demo. And of course a possibility to go on a guided tour of our factory.
In addition to all this we have:
Kiho showing advanced fieldwork and machine controlling, couple of brand new tractors, Volkswagen utility vehicles by Jyväskylän Autotarvike and Ylä-Savo Vocational College & Ajokaksikko Oy showing of their machinery. There is going to be something intriguing for everyone!
The event starts on 12 o’clock as we hand out the #2000 TMK 300 shear to the new owner.
The shear is going to Ylä-Savo Vocational College as a part of their EU project, which they will be outlining. There will also be cake and coffee for everyone.
You are very welcome to come celebrate with us and see all the different machines etc…!