TMK Factory Grand Opening

Its time for celebration!

The Grand Opening of the TMK factory will be celebrated on Friday, November 29, 2019. The factory doors are opened at 12h and the actual opening ceremony will begin at 12:30. Building project began in March, and since then there has been Factory project updates in social media. Next week’s Factory Project update is the 17th and the final one. Check out the videos on TMK Tree shear Facebook or Youtube! However, the picture never beats reality, so next Friday you can experience the TMK factory live in Hankasalmi: Welcome!

In the Opening we can hear greetings from Matti Mäkinen, Mayor of Hankasalmi, and Tuomo Silvasti, a friend of Tenho. The keynote speaker will be Arto Tiitinen, CEO of Isku-Yhtymä Oyj. The man behind the shears – Tenho himself – will share about the investment decision. TMK dealers from 13 different countries bring the international atmosphere in the celebration day. Overall the Factory Grand Opening will be packed with the authentic TMK family vibe.

The inaugural ceremony will be followed by a banquet of coffee, and then there are guided tours for exploring the newly rugged spaces.