Top 3 reasons why you should invest in a TMK Tree Shear and not a competitor’s copy

TMK Tree Shear – The Original


The market has seen a lot of copies of our design over the years and even some big manufacturers have had to accept the benefits of the one grapple design. However what makes our tree shear better than competitions copies? Here are the top 3 reasons why.



1. Original design


Tenho invented the one grapple tree shear in 2009 for himself, as he had a lot of forests that needed some care and he was too busy during the summer. And of course in the winter time, when he had time, there was no motivation to go into the snow filled forests with a chainsaw. Tenho also had excavators staying idle during the winters, so he decided to buy a tree shear for himself. It quickly became clear to Tenho that the tree shear that had just been bought wouldn’t do the job accordingly, so he thought to himself why not try to make his own.

So he did one for himself. The first one wasn’t very good but the idea was there, instead of having two grapples and a flimsy blade, that requires frequent changing, he made one with just one grapple and capsular frame that had the blade as a fixed part of the frame. After a couple of revisions it turned out to be the one! Although the shear has been improved and developed a lot over the years, it still has the same basic principles that the Tenho’s first one had, it has just grown into an even more mature one.

We have over 10 years of experience with tree shears and as many in the market have noted, our tree shear family is probably the sturdiest and the most durable shears there are, thanks to the one grapple and capsular design. We have experienced all the pains and weak points of the shears ourselves and had feedback from customers using it in very different ways. This gives us knowledge unlike any other manufacturer. Experience is hard to buy or copy, that only comes with time.



2. User & manufacturing experience


We know the user experience of the shear. Why? Because we were the customer once. All our products are made using the mentality “By operators. To operators.” We test them ourselves and regularly use them. We have almost all the time one excavator working on forest thinnings or clearing the edges of fields and/or roads. This gives us very good knowledge of the shear and the ways people work. This also gives us unfiltered feedback because it’s us in the cabin using the shear.

We test many different configurations with a variety of attachments on the shear to learn how different machines and attachments work in each situation.

We also really care about the manufacturing. That’s why In 2019 we built and opened our own factory in Hankasalmi, Finland. This way we can monitor the manufacturing from start to finish and keep very high standards in quality control to ensure the end users receive a shear that is of the quality they are looking for in a professional product.



3. Attachments


We have the most comprehensive attachment range for the shear in the world and it’s growing all the time. For TMK 300 alone we have 10 different optional attachments and 4 different main cylinder options. These are made to get the most out of the shear depending on which type of work the customer is doing. For example here in Finland the most popular attachments are the Collector, Solid Extension Beam and the TMK Turbo cylinder. They suit many Finnish customers very well because most of the jobs here have small trees that see a lot of increase in efficiency when using the Collector. The Solid Extension Beam gives extra reach while at the same time gives protection for the tiltrotators as they are very commonly used in Finland and the TMK Turbo cylinder gives not only more speed and power for the shear, keeping the work very efficient whether you are cutting small brushes or big trees, but also it helps when using a tiltrotator because of their limited oil flow.

And the best part about the optional attachments is that they really are optional! As one of our slogans says “Grow With Your Work” you can add attachments later down the line without buying a whole new shear. This allows you to buy a basic shear at the beginning and when the jobs call for more professional equipment you can upgrade your shear to even have a Hydraulic Extension Beam reserved for the true professionals. So make your buying decision with peace of mind, you can always upgrade later!


Did you get interested of our Tree Shear products? Or did some questions arise? Find your nearest dealer here!


-Rauno Kindma